Burger, Philadelphia

The hamburger, an standard is a fast, filling meal. In today’s America, almost any restaurant you go to will have some sort of burger on the menu. It isn’t very difficult to make, but few places make one so good that you beg for more. Cheeseburgers are personal favorite of mine and I’ve had many in my time, however none as good as Village Whiskey, Philadelphia. Upon arrival to this classic American bar, you’ll notice that it is incredible small. But don’t be so quick to think that their burger will be as minuscule as their rental space, 1 page menu, or extensive stupendous whiskey selection.

After indulging in the duck fat fried, short rib & cheddar fries, you’ll be welcomed by well dressed, half pound, incredible juicy, melt-in-your-mouth feast. I needed to cut mine in half and handle this burger with a firm, two-handed grip to fit it in my mouth. The perfectly cooked burger (in my case medium) dripped of juices while my mouth did the same as it screamed for another bite.

After trying many burgers in Philadelphia, this is by far the burger king of the city.

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